Insurance Coverage for Your Quest to a Fantasy Football Trophy

by brianhenry on April 9, 2011

Fantasy football is a popular activity for many people that love sports and yearn to be on the field. An individual drafts a team of real-life players and then competes against other teams with points awarded based on the statistics of these players. While some of these fantasy sports leagues are free and played for fun, many others have entry fees and provide huge payouts to the winners.

One problem faced by all teams is the chance of an injury to a player on their team. Although managers can drop and pick up new players during the season, these roster moves can be expensive and add up during a typical season. Insurance companies now offer fantasy sports policies to reimburse managers if a key player is injured for more than a set number of games! Policies are customized based on your sport and can cover the entire entry fee in the case of a major injury. Wow are you kidding me!

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