Fantasy Football Trophy Needs To Be Personal

by brianhenry on February 24, 2011

It’s important to always keep your recognition personal. A boilerplate award given to your people in your league does little to inspire them to go the extra mile or strive to stay on top. Babies cry for it and men die for recognition. Ever notice how people go absolutely nuts over getting recognized for their accomplishments? For some, it seems that the reward is in the award. Anything for that blue ribbon, that shiny brass trophy, or the gold medal saying you’re number 1! We had a young kid in junior football hold on to his trophy for a month straight. He knocked it off the table and broke the football figure on top. So dad brought the award back to us to repair and I could not believe the kid had wore the printing right off the trophy column carrying it around. I just grinned and replaced everything for free for the kid.

Brian Henry
Fantasy Football League
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