Triple Riser League Award

by brianhenry on January 11, 2011

White marble wood veneer base with two blue square column uprights supporting a 7 inch metal plated area for your league logo and/or any custom wording proudly displayed.  White marble wood veneer plaque with 16 individual winner plates.  Overall height is 37-1/2 inches.

White marble wood veneer base 5"x11" with 2 white lids. Two 15" blue columns at lower section. 7"x 7" Gold metal poster area at mid point. For logos, or any wording. Blue champ column with 6" football figure top tier. 5"x7" plaque with 16 individuals winner plates. Lower base plate for logos, any league wording. Overall height is 37-1/2 inches.

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Price: $166.00

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